Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 and now 5 have all sold out with 2 lots remaining in Stage 8. There is approximately 44 lots remaining in Stages 6, 7, 9 and 10.  Thank you to our residents. Park View Estate Echuca – A New Beginning

Retardation Basin

The developers of Parkview Estate were forward thinking in the development of their open space parkland and drainage requirements of this estate.

The dual use of parkland and a retardation basin has removed a typically unsightly retardation basin to become an attractive landscaped playing and walking precinct.

The dual use of this land functions as a retardation of storm water at times of high rainfall events has enabled residents to enjoy a public open space that will only further improve in its appearance and establishment over time. The growth of trees and flora in the parkland has exceed all expectations during this last 2 – 3 years of the dry like conditions that we have experienced.

The clever design of the park has also incorporated the installation of a large inground 200,000 litre rainwater tank to collect and store storm water for the future watering needs of the park. The use of storm water has taken precedence over the use of filtered water.

The design of the drainage system has created the appearance of riverbeds through the parkland and at times of high rainfall for the parkland to be inundated by storm water. This retardation has enabled the environmental protection of the existing river outlets within the Murray and Campaspe Rivers through the retardation of the storm water to reduce or lower the storm water flow rate created from increased land development.

The outcome is a welcome designed feature for the residents and friends of Parkview Estate to enjoy in perpetuity and differentiates Parkview Estate from other residential estates in Echuca today.

Scar Tree

67088623_2825856134155322_1400311874259517440_nThe developers of Parkview Estate assisted the Campaspe Shire, VicRoads and Yorta Yorta Nation in the relocation of a large indigenous scar tree to enable the upgrade of local road networks for the new second bridge crossing in Echuca.

The tree was identified by Yorta Yorta Nation as culturally significant during the early planning of the Warren Street upgrade.

The relocation of the scar tree to a prominent location in Parkview Estate is an acknowledgement to Yorta Yorta Nation as the traditional custodians of this region, and to their history and culture.

67088623_2825856134155322_1400311874259517440_nAll residents and friends of Parkview Estate are invited to carefully inspect the significant scar on its trunk as a result of traditional Yorta Yorta practices. This is where bark was removed and used to carry seeds, food and objects from one place to another.

The tree now takes pride of place in Parkview Estate, enabling the local community to recognise this scar tree as their own local contribution towards the preservation of our Aboriginal history.

Yakoa Natya

67136169_2820931024647833_3025489256677113856_nNAIDOC week during July is a celebration of the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and an acknowledgement of our local indigenous group, Yorta Yorta Nation.

Parkview Estate is proud to acknowledge our local indigenous Australian people who have traditionally inhabited the area surrounding the junction of the Goulburn and Murray Rivers in present-day north-eastern Victoria and southern New South Wales.


Yorta Yorta Nation were invited by the developers of the estate to name the entrance to Parkview Estate from the intersection of the Murray Valley Highway in recognition of their traditional custodianship of this land.

The chosen “Yakoa Natya Avenue” is an aboriginal term referring to Campaspe Plains, being the area traditionally associated with the landscape of Parkview Estate and the surrounding land development many many years ago.

Parkview Estate acknowledges this contribution and Yakoa Natya in our entrance avenue and parkland through the design and layout of both our parkland and avenue reflecting the traditional landscape of our region.

This design incorporates the sand-based riverbeds of the Murray, Campaspe and Goulburn Rivers, the styles of the floodway associated with these rivers around Echuca and the flora found adjacent to these rivers.

State Revenue Office updates

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